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Annika Möller

Designer: Annika Möller



Annika Moeller was born in Hamburg, Germany on 11.11.1979. She graduated from university with a diploma in communications design in 2006 at the HAW Hamburg and has since been working with packaging design. She changed her hobby into a profession and so she became an impassionated designer. As she is always happy about new challenges, she is glad to participate in the CarpetVista Design Contest.

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Design: Gummi Twist Handtufted

In search of forms and colours which are in line with a living room´s floor, I designed "Gummi Twist". "Gummi Twist" is the german name of a kids jumping game, which is twiddled with a long elastic. The elastic composes lots of different exciting shapes during the game...


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Gummi Twist Handtufted - Orange matta CVD6677

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