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Cornelius Comanns

Designer: Cornelius Comanns



Cornelius Comanns is a German Product Designer with interests reaching far into different design disciplines. He studied Industrial Design in Munich and Product Design at the Royal College of Art in London. Already during his studies he gained experiences working with large design oriented companies. His portfolio spans from Automotive Design to Furniture and Product Design. Cornelius' projects are often based on a strong conceptual idea that serves as a base to develop the form. Even though Graphic Design is not his main expertise, such a competition provides an opportunity to show a Product Designer's perspective on carpet design.

Alla mattor av Cornelius Comanns

Design: Volcano Rug

The Volcano Rug was created by shining different coloured lights onto a three-dimensional polygonal surface. This was inspired by the play of light and shadow on rocks at dawn. This method can be used to create numerous patterns that are different in colour and shape.


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Volcano Rug matta CVD16420

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